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Some Useful Tips for NRIs to Send Money to India

Whether you initiate a wire transfer from USA to India or choose any other mode of remittance to send money to India, always choose a reliable service provider.

Are you planning to send money overseas? Whether you are sending money for business or personal reasons, it is important to choose the right money transfer service. Many people prefer to use the bank for remitting money internationally. Banks are safe but not a cost-effective option. If you have to send money on a regular basis, remittance through a bank can burn a hole in your pocket. It is important to choose a remittance mode that helps you save money and the recipient gets maximum of what you send.

There are several parameters that you need to consider when sending money from one country to another. If you are confused about which mode to choose for remittance, these parameters can help you make the right choice:

1. Speed with which your money will reach the recipient is very important. Most regular money transfers take at least a few days or one week. So if you want the money to reach quickly, you will have to take the speed of remittance into consideration. You will have to opt for a service through which money will reach the recipient within few minutes or one business day. Besides looking for the speed of disbursement, you also need to know how much the service provider will charge you for quick service.

2. Coverage is the second factor that should be considered by NRIs when they send money to India. Not all financial institutions or banks offer national wide coverage. Even if they do, they charge extra money for the same. Most banks deal with limited currencies such as Euro, US Dollar and Pound and some only entertain foreign currency cheques. There are some money transfer service providers who offer a foreign currency non-resident account scheme that makes it easy for the remitter to send funds in foreign currency to local currency.

3. Third factor is the cost of money transfer service. You need to know that remittance service charges depend on the mode of transaction you have chosen. It also depends on the transaction provider. It is recommended to check the service costs and charges levied by service providers before choosing one. For instance, the charges for SWIFT mode of transaction and demand drafts will be different. You need to find out rates being offered by different service providers. There are several websites on the internet through which you can see rates offered by different agencies in one place. Comparison will ensure that you get the best rates.

4. You also need to take convenience into consideration when sending money. Whether you initiate a wire transfer from USA to India or choose any other mode of remittance, make sure it is convenient for you and the recipient to send and receive money. For instance, options like online payments or offline transactions can be feasible for your remittance needs. Besides choosing a convenient modeFeature Articles, you should also consider the amount of the transactions before choosing a payment mode.

The Different Types of Portfolios

Few common types of portfolios that people all over the world keep to keep their investments sorted. Take a look at some of these types share market portfolio discussed in the sentences that follow

You’d often hear the stock advisors advising people about maintaining a portfolio of all of their stock investments to know how close they have reached to their goals. Just like you can’t always have the same eggs in your basket, it is important to have different types of investments as well in your portfolio. One major factor that is used to judge different portfolios is its risk competence. There are a few common types of portfolios that people all over the world keep to keep their investments sorted. Take a look at some of these types share market portfolio discussed in the sentences that follow.

The Aggressive portfolio:

There are always a variety of players in the stock market and the ones who have a highly aggressive approach towards investments are the ones who do not limit their investments to one type and are always willing to take some risk to grow as an investor. These types of people maintain an aggressive portfolio. In this type of portfolio, all the stocks that are listed have a high proposition towards risk as well as the rewards. They would experience high levels of fluctuations.

The Defensive Portfolio:

This type of portfolio is completely opposite to what we discussed above in the aggressive portfolio and the investors here try to play a defensive game when investing in the stocks. Their portfolio won’t generally have any stock that has a high risk proportion and therefore these stocks would be widely isolated from the major movements that take place in the market. The fact here is simple, these stocks won’t get affected majorly even in conditions when the stock market is widely seeing a downfall or the economies all over the world are showing major fluctuations. As the risk is low, the amount of profits of the shares to buy too won’t be as high as compared to that in the aggressive portfolio stocks.

The Speculative Portfolio:

For all those people who are never worried about taking bigger risks, maintain this kind of portfolio. It is said that this portfolio looks nothing less than pure gambling. In comparison to any other portfolio that we’ll discuss here, this has the maximum amount of risk. People having this type of portfolio keep themselves aware about what is happening in the company of which they have shares to sell. They keep an eye on upcoming decisions and make their investments according to that.

Hybrid Portfolio:

For now that you have checked out all the different types of portfolios, a hybrid portfolio has some characteristics of all of these. The investments made through such a trader would vary across various fields in such a way that a unique balance is created. These type of investors prefer to put in their money in the government schemes, ETFs, etc. through such a portfolioFeature Articles, the investor ensures that they have stocks that will give fixed yet guaranteed returns while some of such options as well that are majorly dependent on the risk factors.

A Refinancing your Car Loan

Buying a car is a good feeling because a luxurious car increases your status. But, don’t allow a car loan to ruin it. By refinancing your car loan, you will be able to enjoy smaller monthly payments and lower interest rates than before.

A car can put a smile on your face. But, a terrible car loan has the potential to convert the smile into a frown. If you are not comfortable with your car loan, it will make managing the monthly payments difficult. In such a situation, refinancing your car loan is the right way of putting your worries to rest.

It simply means replacing your existing car loan with a new one and with different terms. The new lender will pay off your current car loan. Also, you will be able to enjoy benefits such as smaller monthly payments and lower interest rates than before. But, before you think about it, there is a lot to learn about refinancing your car loan.

Accurate information is the Key

Refinancing your car loan can be a difficult task. It is better to be prepared with the following information beforehand:

1. Personal and Contact Information:

Date of birth, social security number, citizenship status, marital status, home address, telephone number and email address.

2. Employment and Income Information

Employment status, name of the employer, work-place phone number, total monthly income and other income sources.

3. Car’s Information

Manufacture year of the car, VIN number, details of the current car loan and information of the current lender.

The Joy of Refinancing Your Car Loan

Why is refinancing your car loan a good idea? Most people see it as a medium to save money. Some people wish to lower their monthly payments. Others opt for it to reduce their interest rates or to adjust their car loan terms. There are various reasons to opt it. Before you make a decision, understand its possible outcomes:

1. Reduction in Monthly Payments

It will help you in reducing the monthly payments. How? It is possible because the new lender will provide you with better interest rates. As a car buyer, lower monthly payments should be a priority for you because it will have a positive impact on your financial situation.

2. Reduction in Interest Rates

If you make timely payments to the current lender, your credit worthiness will improve. And, you will be able to obtain low interest rates while refinancing your car loan. It means the total payable amount will reduce due to lower interest rate.

3. Reduction in Loan Term

You may consider refinancing your car loan with an aim to change your loan term. If you opt for a shorter loan term, the total interest amount will reduce. And, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Refinancing your car loan is worth a try! It will help you to lighten your financial burden. And it will provide you with favorable outcomes in the future as well. So, make a decision of refinancing your car loan today and leave your financial worries behind!

Using the Certified Acceptance by Agent Services

The Acceptance Agent Services are organizations authorized by the IRS helping both the resident and nonresident alien individuals to receive an ITIN by reviewing the authenticity of the supporting identity documents submitted by them. The Acceptance Agent Services are organizations authorized by the IRS helping both the resident and nonresident alien individuals to receive an ITIN by reviewing the authenticity of the supporting identity documents submitted by them.

An Acceptance Agent is basically a person or business organization, for assisting the individuals and other foreign people in obtaining an ITIN. These agents have persuaded in a written agreement with the Internal Revenue Service to collect and review the original supplementary documents submitted by the applicants who are responsible to pay their federal taxes or execute the other financial activities in the US but do not qualify for a Social Security Number. With them the ITIN applications are processed much faster than the individuals applying directly.

Being a CAA or Certified Accept Agent they have the authorization to check that the ITIN applications are correctly filled up, and perhaps more importantly verify that original identification documents are authentic, and submit the certified copies to the office of the IRS, hence eliminate the need of having to submit the original copies of passports, visas, birth certificates, personal tax returns and other supporting ID documents. By using the services of the Acceptance Agents the applicants are able to   avoid the burden of having to be without their important papers for eight weeks and remove the risks of documents getting lost as they would be otherwise mailed overseas to the IRS. They also forwards the ITIN number once it is issued.

The CAA or Certifying Acceptance Agents are available to process the ITIN number applications on behalf of the alien immigrants while the team members at service are honest and reliable in rendering the best of the professional services to the clients. They also provide

  • Free ITIN consultation on behalf of the IRS. Without them the individuals will either have to travel to the US or visit the nearest consulate to have their identification verified and proof   that they are not permanent residents of the US, and still there is not guarantee for them to receive a legal authorization.
  • Customer oriented service. Besides reviewing the supporting documents they prepare a certificate of accuracy letter. This letter is issued when the applicants are able to produce their original passports or certified copies of the documents, thereby ensuring that the ITIN applications have been successfully completed and sends the documents along with the W7 form to IRS for further processing.
  •  A direct telephone access to the ITIN operations to find out the status of the applications. These agents have private numbers where the staff members of the service can directly communicate with the applicants and respond to their queries in case any problem arises. If the individuals try to communicate directly to the IRS regarding their ITIN applications, there are chances that it might take more than six months to resolve the disputes. The staff members of CAA are flexible to speaking in the local languages which makes it easier for the foreign individuals in interacting with them.
  • An in person interview with  each of the ITIN applicants as well as their claim dependents in order to complete the applications. In case of conducting a video conferencing with the respective clients they keep the original certified copies during the interview.

The certifying Acceptance Agent Services have many years of experience in processing the ITIN applications. However, most of them might charge a fee for the services offeredFind Article, but helps the clients from getting their applications rejected.

Developers Launching New Projects at Mumbai

Looking for residential property in Mumbai? Developers are launching new projects in Mumbai, irrespective of the weak scenario of city’s property market.

With the rise in demand for affordable yet stylish residential property in Mumbai, rates for flats and row houses have shot up in these areas. Planned development of infrastructure has also pushed the demand for properties in these areas. Execution of upcoming projects such as Mumbai Trans Harbor Link, Navi Mumbai International Airport and Metro has boosted the confidence of buyers to buy or invest in real estate in these locations.According to a Knight Frank report, new launches of residential units in Mumbai city have gone down by 43%. However, the weak scenario of the property market in the city has not been deterred developers from launching new projects in and around the city. For instance, various new launches have been seen in Navi Mumbai last year. Since old nodes of Navi Mumbai have been saturated due to property development, real estate companies are shifting to new nodes such as Ulwe, New Panvel, Kalamboli, Khandeshwar and Uran.

Every year, new residential projects are being announced by developers. For instance, various reputed developers announced their projects in Ulwe which happens to be in close proximity to the newly planned international airport. As per the industry reports, this area has witnessed a CAGR growth rate of 20% from 2010 to the first quarter of 2014. Currently, if someone wishes to buy a flat in locations such as Kamothe, Panvel, Taloje and Uran, they will have to spend around 4500 to 7000 INR per square feet. In the years to come, rates are expected to increase (between the range of 7000 to 9000 INR per square feet).

As per an article in First post, Mumbai had the highest property inventory of 50 months. Reduced demand and sales due to skyrocketing property rates is the reason why the inventory level has increased in the city. For instance, if you wish to buy 2 bhk flats in Thane’s posh area, you would have to shell around 1-1.2 Crore INR.

Project Launches in 2013

According to a quarterly report by Cushman and Wakefield, approximately 18,000 residential units were launched in Mumbai in 2013. This was an increase of 30% from 2012. Majority (30%) of property launches were done in Mumbai’s suburban areas of Malad, Goregaon, Bandra and Andheri. Around 24% launches were done in Navi Mumbai. 20% launches of new projects in Mumbai were contributed by the central suburban stretch from Kurla to Mulund.

Western suburbs, South Mumbai and South Central areas witnessed increase in capital values between 17-24%. This increase was due to limited or low availability of ready-to-possess apartments. As per the report, locations such as Thane, Navi Mumbai, Central and Western Suburbs also witnessed capital value appreciation between 3-6% in the mid and high-end segment.

In the coming monthsArticle Search, it is predicted that property rates in the city will remain stagnant. Slew of launches in this city might have a cooling effect on the property rates. How new launches will affect the property market will be a thing to watch out for in the coming months.

No better time for buy property in Mumbai

Buying property in Mumbai is at an all time high as the city’s urban population continues to grow, while real estate in Goregaon keeps pushing the boundaries of luxury.

Most of the urban populist in the city are constantly climbing the financial ladder and are constantly looking for new investments. With property prices constantly rising buying property in Mumbai seems like a more than sound investment. A one- time investment in a luxury 3BHK apartment in Goregaon, one of Mumbai’s prime real estate districts would generate a handsome monthly rent of around 1.5 to 2.5 Lacs. And for every individual looking to invest in luxury flats, there is always another looking to expend in them. And the city’s real estate market offer premium residential spaces. These apartments are splendidly intended for individuals searching for the extravagant way of life of the rich and well known. Real estate in Goregaon is currently at an all time high. A wide range of premium residential apartments are available in a number of areas in this part of the city.Mumbai is constantly evolving as a major player in the financial market. The city is known as the financial capital of the country. It is the richest city in India with the Highest GDP. Mumbai is among the world’s top 10 centres of commerce if we talk about the financial Flow. Due to major commercial expansion Mumbai is becoming the go to destination for a number of Multi National Companies and aspiring young entrepreneurs. With the biggest exile populace in India and a relentlessly expanding extent of high total assets people, Mumbai offers living arrangements that are simply ideal throughout today’s quick paced urban way of life.

These properties provide some of the most luxurious internal as well as external amenities. The high rise buildings cater to both the needs of the residents individually and together as a whole community. Private swimming pools complete with Jacuzzis and patio nurseries for individual apartment, attendant available to come back to work, projectile lifts, propelled stopping frameworks and originator anterooms are some of the luxuries that are part of these luxury apartments. Today most luxury apartments in the city are turning eco-friendly offering some basic yet highly technical amenities like Sewage treatment, Rain water harvesting and even Vermiculture pits.

Today the population of Mumbai is constantly becoming more independent. Today’s generation is no longer content with inheriting homes. Today building new homes or purchasing and renting out flats have become common practise. Thus, in the event that you are searching for a apartment for your family to dwell in or for ventureFree Web Content, we guarantee you that you’ll get only the best. Maintaining an individual house with all these facilities would approximately cost anywhere between Forty and Fifty Thousand every month. It thus becomes more economical to invest in these luxury apartments.

The Areas for Buying Luxury Flats

Need help with buying luxury flats in Mumbai? There are various locations in and around the city where you can buy a luxurious yet affordable property in Mumbai.

Kharghar, Navi MumbaiNeed help with buying luxury flats in Mumbai? Here are some of the locations in and around the city where you can find some exciting property options.

This is one of the well-planned areas in Navi Mumbai that offers luxury as well as affordable flats for buyers and investors. Developed by CIDCO, Kharghar has 45 sectors and it is quite close to Belapur CBD. Infrastructure growth in this node of Navi Mumbai has pushed the demand for residential as well commercial properties. From wide roads and skywalks to entertainment venues and a golf course, this area has a lot to offer to potential home buyers.

This area has turned into a real estate hotspot for wealthy buyers and NRIs who are looking for attractive investment opportunities in and around Mumbai. It has also attracted buyers from Pune and Nasik due to close proximity. After Vashi and Nerul, it is one of the third most developed nodes in Navi Mumbai. This part is quite scenic and has waterfalls, hill views and caves.

Airoli, Navi Mumbai

Another well-developed location, Aroli’s growing real estate market is attracting a lot of attention from home buyers. This location is well connected to Vashi and Nerul through bus and rail line. It is also connected to Mulund and Mumbai from the Eastern Express Highway. Various reputed developers are launching their luxury residential projects in Airoli, catering to the demand of buyers who wish to avail luxury living at affordable rates. The serene and scenic Airoli-Ghansoli-Koparkhairane stretch has become a hotspot for home buyers. According to the real estate experts, the annual property appreciation rate in Airoli will be anywhere around 15-20% which is quite good.

Compared to other parts of Mumbai, this area offers luxurious yet affordable property options. Due to the sluggish market for property in Mumbai, buyers and investors have started exploring areas like Airoli and Kharghar. Majority of demand is for 2BHK and 3BHK flats.


Panvel (Navi Mumbai) has also emerged as a promising location for real estate buying and investing. It is one of the most developed zones in Navi Mumbai, situated in close proximity to Alibaug and Pune. With reputed builders launching their luxurious projects in Panvel, this area has attracted a lot of attention from buyers looking for affordable yet stylish homes.

People can easily commute from Pune to Panvel as it is located near to Pune Express Highway. Due to this factor, buyers from Pune have been showing great interest in buying luxury flats and villas in Panvel.

Besides Airoli, Panvel and Kharghar, Ulwe is also an attractive hotspot for real estate investment in Navi Mumbai. It is a quite suburb, separated from Belapur by the Panvel Creek. Initially, Ulwe was predominated by fishing villages but today, this suburb has become a sought-after location for developers. They are launching exciting new projects in this areaFind Article, catering to the rising demand for stylish homes at affordable rates.

Advantages of Small Cash Loans in UK

Small cash loans for unemployed people are an efficient monetary source through which many jobless individuals have been able to keep money flowing to their bank accounts.

Easy and Simple Application ProcessSmall Cash Loans for Unemployed people have proved a vital financial source for many people. These are the loans that help people in their crunch monetary situation by providing required cash to their authorised bank account on an immediate basis. They are available for small money, which is primarily required during financial emergency. There are many people in and around the UK struggling for funds to carry on their regular financial requirements because they are not working anywhere else and finding a job seems difficult for them. Therefore, the professional credit lending agencies here are providing these loans for unemployed on affordable prices.

Majority of the credit lending companies in the UK require online loan application from the borrowers. There are two major benefits of such application procedure: first, it is quite easy to apply which the borrowers can do from their home or office or the place of their comfort and second, the lenders can quickly send the money to the borrowers. To follow the procedure, the borrowers need to fill an online application form on the lenders’ website and then submit it with providing all the mandatory details. Once they submit their application, the lenders instantly review the details and subsequently, disburse the loan amount to their bank accounts.

Leave Your Credit Score Aside

These Unemployed Loans for the UK People provide several monetary benefits to the borrowers even to those who are getting affected by their adverse credit history. While you are going through tough financial days due to unemployment and can’t borrow money from your bank because of poor credit history, it is surely the worst financial situation that you have ever faced in your life. Therefore, these loans provide the most efficient way to the people to save themselves from financial drench. Not just the monetary advantages, the bad credit people can also use loans for poor credit without guarantor and no fees as an opportunity to improve their credit score by making timely repayments of the loan amount.

Choose Loans with Competitive Interest Rates

There are many financial agencies in the marketplace apply high interest rate on these Cash Loans for Unemployed people. The borrowers, particularly the unemployed ones, should keep distance from these companies because it would only worsen their financial condition. They have already shortage of funds and paying high interest prices will put extra burden on their shoulders. Hence, to remain free from such burden, always choose the appropriate credit lender who is providing these loans on extremely competitive repayment options as well as flexible repayment tenures. A comprehensive online research will make a way for you to find a reliable loan company among many.

No Need to Provide a Security

The Small Loans for Unemployed are only available for short money and therefore, there is no need to provide collateral to secure just a small amount. Since you are an unemployed person and providing your home or car as the loan security will be a risk. Many professional finance agencies in the UK understand such financial compulsions of these people and thereforeComputer Technology Articles, they provide these loans in an unsecured nature.

Poor Credit Loans This is the solutions

Poor credit loans bring a chance to the people to revive their financial credibility. Loan Lenders in the UK are providing loans on favourable conditions, which are ideal to utilise funds in a right manner.

Considering the fact that bad credit people have limited sources to avail funds, there are few regulated loan providers in the UK marketplace, who are presenting poor credit loans. These are the specified credit alternatives where people enjoy uncomplicated funding process, and an opportunity to reverse their credit records.Living the days of financial shortage is not easy, especially when you do not have an income source. Circumstances become extremely tough to handle if your relative or friends are also keeping a distance from you. Obviously, you would look towards the bank to have a loan, but it will not help if your credit score is not satisfactory. A poor record of making repayments is certainly a restriction in your chances of borrowing funds. Borrowers have almost no chance of availing funds through banks because of their poor credit record. As a result, you have to search a lot to find a suitable lender, providing efficient loan option.

An Ideal Means to Improve Credit Scores

Looking for a loan needs an acceptable credit score of the borrowers. Banks and many lending agencies not prefer people with bad credit score to offer funds in comparison to the people with good credit scores. They follow traditional way of giving funds. It means bad credit borrowers have to explore the marketplace to have a suitable loan option. The loans for poor credit people are exactly the financial way to avail funds at crucial time.

These are the short term loans and generally, provided on easy repayment schedules. Individuals with adverse credit records always concern over the repayment tenures, and these loans will not disappoint them. They can easily repay the amount within given time schedule, and improve credit scores to fetch more loans in the future.

Borrowers’ focus should be on transforming their credit scores and the poor credit loans will assist them in this purpose.

Avail Funds for Your Longer Financial Goals

Most of the credit lending agencies usually provide loans during the financial emergency. But few lenders are available at the marketplace, prepared to offer long term loans for poor credit people. The long financial problems can easily be solved with these loans. However, lender may require either collateral or a guarantor before granting funds. They want some kind of assurance of the well-timed repayments. In case, they unable to repay, lenders reserve the right to take over their collateral or can ask to guarantor to repay the amount on behalf of the primary borrowers.

The loans for people with poor credit score come with easy procedure to apply with or minimum paperwork. Lenders, who are providing these loans, have an advanced application procedure that helped people to apply early with having an internet connection. Such procedure makes sure that borrowers avail funds on the exact day of application submitted. In addition to their features, the long term loans also help people in the interest rates as they are comparatively lower than the short term loansFind Article, which also help in repaying the amount conveniently.

Info Qualities of the best asset servicing firms

Today’s market is marked by turbulence – a result of various geopolitical developments that are set to create profound impacts on economies around the world. In this kind of uncertain atmosphere, a demand for asset servicing firms arose among players in the securities and investment industry. These days, in fact, they have become indispensable outsourcing partners to asset management companies.

Below are the qualities to look for when selecting an asset servicing company to work with:

Equipped with first-rate innovations. Much of the work in asset servicing should be supported by innovative solutions that facilitate automation, collaboration, and integration – features that in turn promote efficiency of operations. The best outsourcing partners have proprietary, leading-edge solutions that may be tailored to their clients’ specific needs, enabling speedy delivery of information, and creating a company culture based on quick and evidence-based decision-making. From portfolio management systems, to accounting software and communications platforms, such tools are a necessary component of a well-performing fund management operation.

Adept at data management and reporting. In asset management, there is a huge amount of data to be assessed to guide future investment decisions. An outsourcing partner should have the staff and tools for gathering data, including news, trends, and records for all transactions; warehousing; and preparing the needed reports for submission to regulatory authorities. Its personnel and technologies should be capable of conducting sound analysis involving a comprehensive set of information, culling the essentials while also discerning important patterns that emerge across entire volumes. Third party firms possessing secure cloud-based platforms for data safekeeping with maximum guaranteed uptime, and features for aggregating data from various locations into a single view, are ideal partners.

Keen on promoting cost-efficiency. A primary motivation for many asset managers in tapping asset servicing firms is the great potential for cost savings. In an intensely competitive business climate, it pays to have lean operations, and enlisting an outsourcing partner typically means cost reduction. The candidate partner should be aware of this criterion, offering scalable solutions that respond to the client’s state of infrastructure, and also promoting true complementarity of staff and resources. Procedures should be developed specifically to address loopholes in the client’s present operations, eliminating redundancies, and drastically reducing human error for repetitive functions such as calculations and compliance management.

By adhering to these criteria when screening possible outsourcing partnersHealth Fitness Articles, today’s asset management firms can truly benefit from what asset services can offer.